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At Reader's Digest, Elinor Griffith developed articles about people who face great odds, yet still experience astonishing results. These stories inspired millions worldwide. Now, as an entrepreneur, she translates her know-how into a thriving business.

As a writer and editor, Elinor works closely with authors to shape and enhance their emerging work. Griffith Editorial can help edit and self-publish your book. A dream come true....

Her exclusive Griffith Gourmet tours escort food enthusiasts to sought-out destinations: Julia Child's home in France, Italy's Amalfi Coast, Paris.... and Morocco is on her radar.




In 287 Secrets of Reinventing Your Life, a book by MORE magazine, Elinor is featured among 50 noteworthy women in America.  She reinvented herself and leads cooking trips to exciting places such as Julia Child’s former home in the South of France!


The Virtues of Cooking is Elinor's newest book. A family "keepsake," it can change your life! Each of its 28 chapters highlights a key ingredient for happy, resilient and thriving people. VIRTUES. Important qualities such as love, honesty and resourcefulness. Filled with delicious recipes (42 in all) and engaging stories, inspirational quotes, beautiful photos and whimsical original art. The book is part inspirational how-to, part culinary memoir, part cookbook. It's an unconventional recipe for a good life!

Featured in Huffington Post (13+ million unique visitors), Guideposts (6 million readers) and soon to appear around the world in Reader's Digest

"Every busy Mom needs this cookbook in her kitchen!" says actress Vanessa Williams 

For First Thing Every Morning  published by SimpleTruths, a publishing platform with 1.5 million subscribers and now owned by SourceBooks — Elinor conceptualized, co-wrote and edited this book for Lewis Timberlake, one of America's top motivational speakers. The book and its companion calendar have sold more than 30,000 copies. "How we begin our day determines and controls how we go through each day," he explained. "The book is like getting a handshake of hope when you start each day."

If you love history AND if you like being spooked, well, maybe just a bit, The Old Dutch Church of Sleepy Hollow is wonderful reading. It's the story of the oldest church in New York State and is where Washington Irving situated his world-famous ghost story, "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow." For the church's 325th anniversary, Elinor and her two partners created:  the book, a website, brochures, the Old Dutch Gala with organist Kent Tritle AND an iPad walking tour (Apple's first tour-based app in the country).

“We're a week away from the final event at the Old Dutch Church," said Rev. Jeff Gargano. "You guys rock!  What you have provided to the church has far exceeded anything I ever dreamed about. You have brought focus, creativity, vision, integrity and expertise to what was just kind of an amorphous idea.  It is impossible to fully express my gratitude except to simply say ... thank you!”



—DANNY MEYER, Restaurateur & CEO, Union Square Hospitality Group 

"I loved this book. I came to The Virtues of Cooking for the food but stayed for the stories. How Elinor used food as a family-connecting force is the real nourishment in this warm, wise and beautifully written book!"

—THOMAS O. RYDER, Amazon board and former CEO of Reader’s Digest


Need a story coach or editor for your book? An article written for your magazine? Publicity or marketing help? You’ve come to the right place, Griffith Editorial...

As an experienced writer/editor/marketer, Elinor has overseen the production of a wide variety of books, including riveting memoirs. Clients include the former President of Maxwell House and the Founding President of the National Crime Prevention Council.


What clients say....

John Calhoun, Hope Matters  “A model of depth and caring, Elinor pushed and prodded this book and deserves every kudo. Her humor, persistence and eye for quality never flagged.” 

Richard Laster,  And It Went So Fast  "As I thought about our work session yesterday, I realized how lucky I am to work with you on this project. You make it so easy for me... all with a lovely smile!"

Hans Rolfes, General Foods:  America’s Premier Food Company  "Without Elinor this book would not have seen the light of day. She whittled down my manuscript by more than a third and produced a much-improved version. And her familiarity with people in book publishing made my life a lot easier!”

Paul Dunion, Dare to Grow Up  Elinor continued to see a place in the world for my creative efforts and held a light when the way darkened.”

Gourmet Guide

Described as "the trip of a lifetime," Griffith Gourmet offers a taste of a country's best foods... in France, Italy and elsewhere. Like at Julia Child's French country home.

For nearly a decade Elinor has organized cooking trips to Julia Child's former house in the South of France. That's where Julia wrote much of Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Volume Two. (The incredible story of how Elinor ended up in Julia's cozy kitchen is found in her new book, The Virtues of Cooking.) Chef Kathie Alex always welcomes each group warmly with Kir Royals and soon, following her expert instruction, everyone is preparing and savoring the most divine meals. Roast Duck with Lemon and Honey, Saffron-Seared Scallops, Salmon en Papillote avec Sauces aux Herbes. Yummy desserts like Pavlovas with Wild Strawberries. 

La Pitchoune, or the "Little Thing," Julia's vacation hideaway

La Pitchoune, or the "Little Thing," Julia's vacation hideaway

Stay tuned for upcoming plans to return to La Pitchoune, Julia's name for her country home. Meanwhile, to take an armchair tour and see mouth-watering cooking photos, click on this link!

 Elinor is leading groups to another favorite culinary and cultural destination, in Italy. In May 2016, for the fourth time, she has organized a standout week at the Michelin-starred Don Alfonso 1890:  2 gourmet meals -- a Degustazione and a Tradizione; breakfast, too -- in its Michelin-starred restaurant, 3 cooking classes in its state-of-the-art test kitchen (using green no-heat induction cooking) and daily cultural activities along the Amalfi Coast. There's a visit and meal, for instance, at a buffalo "spa" where hundreds of bovines are coddled with water misters and automated back-scratchers so their rich milk can be turned into the most sublime mozzarella, yogurt and ice cream imaginable. Nearby in Paestum is another "must-stop" at one of the best-preserved Greek ruins in Italy. Other trip highlights? Journeying down old Roman roads to the family's organic farm, on cliffs overlooking the island of Capri, the road ever thinner, vegetation sparse. Surprise! A luscious garden then awaits: tomatoes, artichokes, fava beans and other favorite Italian staples. Groves of lemon and olive trees. Chickens scratching around....

One never knows who might be dining at the much-acclaimed restaurant. On a recent trip “Barefoot Contessa” Ina Garten was dining at the next table with her husband Jeffrey. 

Gourmet culinary trips also to Paris, Istanbul and Morocco.

In a word, what's it like to cook in Julia Child's kitchen? "AWESOME" is the unanimous reply!

In a word, what's it like to cook in Julia Child's kitchen? "AWESOME" is the unanimous reply!

Join Elinor in 2017

May 7 - 13, Cooking in Italy

A Foodie's Delight: Spend a week at the Don Alfonso 1890, a charming Relais & Chateaux property overlooking the Bay of Naples and Mt. Vesuvius and near the Amalfi Coast, with a Michelin-starred restaurant. Boat over to Capri, too. To read more about the culinary adventures, click here.

“Meals Worth the Price of a Plane Ticket" and "10 Restaurants Worthy of Leaving a Ship For"

—The Don Alfonso makes The New York Times

Author and gourmet guide Elinor Griffith, whose story "Meals with Meaning" appears in the September 2015 edition of Guideposts, shares her recipe for healthy and delicious couscous salad.

In the News....

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CHAPPAQUA, NY, LIBRARY: Book talk on The Virtues of Cooking

RJ JULIA, Madison, CT, book talk: one of the best-known independent bookstores in the country... on the same week as Chef Jacques Pepin rolled out Heart and Soul in the Kitchen

MERRILL LYNCH Client Presentation, Ridgefield, CT: book talk and lunch using recipes from The Virtues of Cooking

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Upcoming Author Talk with Elinor Griffith November 18, 2015 7pm

"Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home" was filmed in Madison, Ct., at the Pepins, not far from where Elinor now lives -- and the location of bookstore RJ Julia

"Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home" was filmed in Madison, Ct., at the Pepins, not far from where Elinor now lives -- and the location of bookstore RJ Julia

Reader's Digest ran Elinor's article on quinoa in Europe, Russia and elsewhere

Reader's Digest ran Elinor's article on quinoa in Europe, Russia and elsewhere


Elinor Griffith is a writer, editor and gourmet guide. She graduated from the University of North Carolina and worked for years as a Senior Editor at Reader’s Digest, first in Montreal and then in Chappaqua, N.Y. Recently, she moved to Connecticut, where she bikes, kayaks and is looking forward to clamming on the Long Island Sound for her dinner. Elinor is passionate about FOOD, FRIENDS and FRANCE. Well, actually, just about any place in the world with delicious food....

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Home  Madison, Ct.

Education  UNC-Chapel Hill, Political Science (honors) and French

Volunteer Activities

• New Castle Community Media Center Board, Chappaqua, N.Y.

• Open Door Board, providing health care to 40,000 Westchester, N.Y., residents 

• UNC Medical Journalism Advisory Board, Chapel Hill, N.C.

• Chappaqua Antiques Show, Publicity Chair

• Chappaqua Interfaith Council

From The Virtues of Cooking, Elinor's new cookbook, memoir and inspirational how-to

From The Virtues of Cooking, Elinor's new cookbook, memoir and inspirational how-to