The Virtues of Cooking is Elinor's newest book. A family "keepsake," it can change your life! Each of its 28 chapters highlights a key ingredient for happy, resilient and thriving people. VIRTUES. Important qualities such as love, honesty and resourcefulness. Filled with delicious recipes (42 in all) and engaging stories, inspirational quotes, beautiful photos and whimsical original art. The book is part inspirational how-to, part culinary memoir, part cookbook. It's an unconventional recipe for a good life! For more info, see the book's website: thevirtuesofcooking.com.

Featured in Huffington Post (13+ million unique visitors), Guideposts (6 million readers) and around the world in Reader's Digest

"Every busy Mom needs this cookbook in her kitchen!" says actress Vanessa Williams 

For First Thing Every Morning  published by SimpleTruths, a publishing platform with 1.5 million subscribers and now owned by SourceBooks — Elinor conceptualized, co-wrote and edited this book for Lewis Timberlake, one of America's top motivational speakers. The book and its companion calendar have sold more than 30,000 copies. "How we begin our day determines and controls how we go through each day," he explained. "The book is like getting a handshake of hope when you start each day."

If you love history AND if you like being spooked, well, maybe just a bit, The Old Dutch Church of Sleepy Hollow is wonderful reading. It's the story of the oldest church in New York State and is where Washington Irving situated his world-famous ghost story, "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow." For the church's 325th anniversary, Elinor and her two partners created:  the book, a website, brochures, the Old Dutch Gala with organist Kent Tritle AND an iPad walking tour (Apple's first tour-based app in the country).

“We're a week away from the final event at the Old Dutch Church," said Rev. Jeff Gargano. "You guys rock!  What you have provided to the church has far exceeded anything I ever dreamed about. You have brought focus, creativity, vision, integrity and expertise to what was just kind of an amorphous idea.  It is impossible to fully express my gratitude except to simply say ... thank you!”



—DANNY MEYER, Restaurateur & CEO, Union Square Hospitality Group 

"I loved this book. I came to The Virtues of Cooking for the food but stayed for the stories. How Elinor used food as a family-connecting force is the real nourishment in this warm, wise and beautifully written book!"

—THOMAS O. RYDER, Amazon board and former CEO of Reader’s Digest